Laminate Hardwood Floor

Laminate hardwood floor is not really a hardwood floor. Laminate is typically made of fiberboard, layered top and bottom with a laminate backing.

The top is covered with a high-quality photo of wood or other flooring style, covered with a melamine laminate top, similar to a kitchen counter top.

The brand name Pergo is an example of a Laminate. Many people mistake Pergo as a type of wood floor. It is not!

Pergo is a picture of a wood floor made out of laminate materials. The fact that it isn't real wood bothers some people. On the other hand, the fact that it is a lot less expensive yet looks like wood suits some people just fine.

Facts About Laminate Hardwood Floors

1.) Laminate flooring is fairly easy to install. Typically, the planks are either snapped together or glued together. It is very popular with the do-it-yourself consumer.

2.) Though laminate flooring is very durable, it is extremely difficult to repair when scratched, chipped, dented, or otherwise damaged. A solid hardwood floor, on the other hand, can be buffed or sanded and made to look new again.

3.) A special padding is necessary under most laminate floors to reduce noise. Even then, laminate flooring can be hard underfoot, hollow-sounding, and overly slippery. Many people say it feels "fake" and is cold to walk on. Others don't notice or don't care. It's a personal preference.

4.) Laminate flooring does not fade or yellow from sunlight as hardwood flooring does. Laminate flooring does not need wax or polish and is easy to clean.

5.) Laminate flooring is said to hold up far better to moisture than hardwood flooring, on its surface. But, moisture does penetrate between the seams and permanently damage the fiberboard beneath. Moisture is still a problem with laminates and isn't recommended for bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.

Laminate wood flooring has a lower resale value than hardwood flooring.

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