Hardwood Floor Stains

Hardwood floor stains must be treated very carefully so as not to damage the urethane finish or the wood. Here are some hardwood floor stain tips from contractors and manufacturers.

Surface Stains

Crayon removal from wood floors and other surface stains such as shoe marks, tar, lipstick that reside on the urethane finish of your flooring are fairly easy to remove.

Use a non-abrasive waterless hand cleaner or a cautionary amount of mineral spirits. You can also try a product such as Goof Off. Be sure to wear a mask when using products like these to avoid toxic fumes.

When you're finished, wipe the area thoroughly with a slightly damp cloth to remove any residue, and then dry.

Pet Urine Stains

Pet Urine Stains - Hardwood Floors


The best method for dealing with pet urine hardwood floor stains is prevention. Stay on top of it. Wipe up urine as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, hardwood floor pet stain removal is not possible once the damage is done.

If pet urine is an ongoing problem, take action. Maybe that requires training, kenneling, medical accessories or simply taking a walk-through of your home before bed each evening. A five minute tour of your hardwood floors to catch mishaps is well worth it.

Below the Surface Damage

If the pet urine is only on the surface or finish of the floor, you can try a pet stain and odor remover product as suggested below. Read product labels. Use sparingly and with caution.

The big problem with pet urine stains is when puddles go unnoticed and are allowed to soak into the floor, causing irrepairable damage.

As with any type of liquid, pet urine can seep into the gaps between the wood floor boards or saturate exposed areas (places where the finish has worn) and warp the wood, turn it an unpleasant black or gray, and of 'course create an odor that can only be masked, not irradicated.

It doesn't do well to sand just that one area of the floor. And depending on how deeply the urine soaked in - replacing the affected boards is also a strong possibility.

However, a patch of that one area might not be plausible, in which case, the surrounding floor may need to be replaced if you truly want the damaged boards repaired.

If you've got pets, we recommend the bona hardwood floor mop or bona spray hardwood floor cleaner or similar product as a fast and handy way to clean up pet urine on the spot.

Rug Pad Stains

Rug pads made with certain materials react with the finish and stain a pattern or discoloration into the hardwood floor.

We cover topic of rug pads for hardwood floors in detail because it is unfortunately a common situation hardwood floor owners find themselves in. The wrong rug pad can do serious damage that requires a sand and recoat.

Review our articles on specific rug pad recommendations as well as details on area rug pad materials for urethane coated hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Floor Stain

Some hardwood floor stains, unlike staining on most every other flooring material, can be removed one way or another, easily and inexpensively, without replacing the floor.

More serious staining, such as pet urine, chemical reactions with rug pad material and water damage, may require a sand and finish to fully restore the floor like new again.

Plan for prevention and protect your wood flooring. This is always least expensive and the best route to beautiful, unblemished floors.

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