Hardwood Floor Mop

A hardwood floor mop is simply a tool for cleaning a hard surface floor - whether it be solid hardwood floors, linoleum, or tile.

Your mop selection, for the most part, should be based on personal preference and intended usage. However, there are important factors to consider.

Below are our top recommended hardwood floor mops along with features, the method in which to mop, and the hardwood floor cleaners to use with your mop that won't damage your hardwood flooring.

Water is your Enemy

Mop Wood Floors

You'll notice that our recommendations are not traditional mops with a wringer handle, intended for use with a bucket or sink full of water.

Indeed, a big concern when cleaning hardwood floors is water. It is not appropriate to use a soaking wet mop head, or any other wet material, on hardwood floors.

Dunking your hardwood floor mop in a bucket or sink full of a liquid cleaning agent OR plain water is not recommended.

Wood and water don't mix.

Even though the individual boards of your floor are coated with a protective finish, the boards expand and contract dependent upon the amount of moisture in the air, leaving gaps - no matter how small - where water can seep in.

Also, over time, the finish on the floor wears, leaving bits of bare wood exposed.

Water damage to hardwood floors is not repairable. Only replacing damaged boards (patching) or a full sand and recoat will restore the floors.

Cleaning Products

We dedicate an entire article to hardwood floor cleaning products.

One application of a product that is bad for your floors can not only do expensive damage, but also void the manufacturer's warranty.

For urethane finishes, stay away from oil, soap and wax-based products.

Bona Hardwood Floor Mop

Our favorite for its design and ease of use.

The Bona hardwood floor mop with replaceable cleaner cartridge is the most popular choice according to feedback from the hardwood flooring clients of HTHF contractors.

Just pull the trigger and the cleaner sprays directly on the floor. Mop and spray in sections, toss the washable mop head in the washing machine, and you're ready for next time. Piece of cake.

Great for quick clean-ups too - like pet urine and spills.

Bona Microfiber Floor Mop

You also have the option of a stand alone Bona hardwood floor mop with the same soft, washable mop head covers and maneuverability.

Just purchase the hardwood floor cleaning product of your choice separately, along with an extra mop head cover or two. We suggest Bona hardwood floor cleaner.

Or better yet, get their 4-piece system. It comes with a mop handle, pad, dust pad and our recommended bona hardwood floor cleaner spray.


The Sh-Mop can be used very effectively on any hard surface including floors, walls, ceilings, RVs and autos, and more.

The mop head is made of either a gentle, all natural washable cotton or terry cloth. Get at least two head covers so you always have a clean one available.

Choose hardwood floor cleaners recommended for urethane coated hardwood floors. Squirt it directly on a section of the floor, soak it up, and move on to the next section. A squirt bottle for misting works really well too.

Remember that we don't advise filling your sink, dunking the mop head, and wringing it out for use on your floor.

How to Mop Wood Floor

Spray or mist a small section of the floor with hardwood cleaner or slightly dampen the mop head.

Drag the mop side to side, in the opposite direction of the grooves between the floor boards, not with them.

Continue moving in sections ensuring no puddles or standing water is left on the floor.

Go for Efficiency and Effectiveness

A hardwood floor mop is really just a name manufacturer's use to easily market to wood floor owners.

Look for a mop with features in ease of cleaning, that will protect rather than harm the surface of your floor, and that allow you to utilize specific hardwood floor cleaners in a way that doesn't require soaking the floor or leaving standing water.

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