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A favorite ... the furniture pad for wood flooring from NancyProtectz Furniture Socks.

An important part of wood flooring care is protecting it from scratches and scuffs left by the legs of furniture. We recommend specific brands of furniture leg pads for durability and quality in our article Protect Hardwood Floors.

But in our research for the best wood flooring care accessories, we come across unique, original items that we like to try out. Those that earn our 5-star rating are added to our "Favorites" list.

We love the creative genius of NancyProtectz™ Furniture Socks!

Some great features:

  • They come in fashionable colors to match your decor.

  • They are easy to install and stretch to fit most furniture leg sizes.

  • Use them in conjunction with felt pads for double the protection.

  • Rubberized grips on the inside provide slip resistance.

  • They are machine washable and reusable.

One issue with regular felt pads that stick to the bottom of furniture legs is that they collect dust, animal hair and dirt. As a result, they sometimes lose their adhesion and fall off, unbeknown to the wood flooring owner, leaving the floor exposed to scratches, scrapes, dents and etching.

NancyProtectz™ Furniture Socks

NancyProtectz™ furniture socks don't typically fall off, but if they do, it is clear to see, before any damage is done.

About that unsightly dust, pet hair and dirt that felt pads seem to attract and put on display ... it is not easy or convenient to remove.

NancyProtectz™ furniture socks don't showcase dust. Throw them in the washing machine to keep them fresh and clean.

If you already have pads on the legs of your furniture - great! Leave them on and slide a furniture sock right over the top of them for extra protection.

NancyProtectz™ furniture socks work on most leg shapes including square, round, rectangular, oval and bun feet. They are not recommended for tapered legs.

The inventor of NancyProtectz™ furniture socks is a work at home mom who was frustrated with the battle of chair legs scratching her beautiful hardwood floors.

She came up with her own creative solution, perfected it, and started manufacturing in 2007.

Wood flooring care doesn't have to be boring or tedious. We think NancyProtectz™ furniture socks are fun, practical and very effective.

Give them a try!

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