Area Rugs For Hardwood Floors

The addition of area rugs for hardwood floors serve both an ornamental and practical purpose.

Area rugs make a room more cozy, they look nice, and they help protect the floor in certain situations.

Area rugs themselves should be non-staining so that the colors don't bleed into your floor.

We suggest a rug of the same material front and back, so you can flip them over if desired, such as wool, cotton and many of the oriental-style rugs. Note the cleaning instructions before purchasing.

If you use the right type of rug pad, you can choose any area rug you'd like without concern.

But what you should pay very careful attention to are the rug pads. Use rug pads safe for polyurethane finished hardwood floors ... or they can do just as much damage - or more - as a rug without a pad.

Protect Your Hardwood Floors

UV Rays

Your hardwood floors will age due to natural occurrences beyond anyone's control. Sunlight, or UV rays, are one such natural occurence.

The portion of the floor covered by rugs may change color as well or appear darker than the floor that has been exposed to its environment.

Therefore, we recommend moving area rugs for hardwood floors periodically to help balance the aging process of your flooring.

Area Rug Pads

Some area rugs are made with a backing that seems adequate to hold it in place on the floor and provide enough cushion for your comfort. Therefore, an area rug pad may not seem necessary.

However, even these types of rugs move or slide around. An area rug pad serves the purpose of holding it in place.

A rug pad also protects hardwood floors from the grit, dust and dirt trapped beneath the rug that scratches the floor finish.

Some area rugs are made with a type of backing that scratches or discolors the floor.

Ask any hardwood flooring contractor how many sad tales he can tell about beautiful hardwood floors ruined by area rugs or the wrong kind of rug pad.

Area Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

If you decide to use rug pads beneath your area rugs, it is extremely important to choose rug pads that won't damage your floor.

For a detailed explanation of the rug pad material you should and should not use, view our article Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors.

Recommended Rug Pads for Urethane Finished Wood Floors

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