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Welcome to How To Hardwood Floors where you'll find advice on care, cleaning, cleaning products, vacuums, mops and other equipment recommendations, DIY, protection, area rug pads and much more.

Wood Floor Owners Care Guide

We focus primarily on solid hardwood flooring coated with a urethane finish.

We seek the expertise of contractors, manufacturers, non-profit associations (such as the NWFA), house cleaning professionals and wood floor owners to empower you with the best guidance all in one place online.

Love your hardwood floors and they'll love you right back ... for 100+ years!

Start with the basics ...


How To Clean Hardwood Floors

Learn how to clean hardwood floors using an easy, efficient routine that protects them while maintaining their quality and beauty plus tips for stains. > More

Cleaning Products

Mop Wood Floors

How to choose your cleaning products, our specific product recommendations, and most importantly, what NOT to use. Avoid the most common mistakes. > More

Cleaning Accessories

Wood Floor Vacuum

Consider specific features and benefits and choose the best vacuum, mop and other accessories. Make cleaning simple while preserving your investment. > More


Furniture Wood Floor Protectors

Care of hardwood floors includes taking special precautions such as using the right area rug pads and furniture wood floor protectors. Take maintenance seriously and save. > More

The Natural Choice

The types of hardwood floors include a vast selection of gorgeous unique wood floor species like oak, maple, ash, hickory and cherry.

Each individual plank or board of the hundreds that make up your floor has its own character and style, special markings, grain patterns and coloring.

Reclaimed and salvaged wood from a variety of sources is, more and more, becoming a popular design choice.

Hardwood floors are naturally beautiful and a renewable resource. They offer better indoor air quality than other flooring materials and are great for allergy sufferers.

Solid hardwood can most often be repaired rather than replaced. They require less maintenance and last longer than other flooring materials. Wood flooring provides a healthier, safer living environment.

Hardwood floors match well with any decor, in any season, for any theme. Remodel or redecorate to your heart's content and your wood flooring still looks great and stays in style.

Hardwood floors can create an atmosphere ranging from a rustic, relaxing cabin-like retreat to a warm, charming sanctuary to a classy, luxurious feel. Their beauty, value and durability is unsurpassed.

How To Hardwood Floors congratulates you on your choice to invest in gorgeous, natural, long-lasting, easy to care for flooring in your home.

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